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Modernizing enterprise companies in construction, utilities, and infrastructure with software solutions and services to solve your toughest challenges. 

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World-class technology solutions to reduce costs and boost efficiency, productivity, and profitability.


Custom software design for the enterprise, helping you reduce costs, improve productivity, and gain visibility.  

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Legacy system modernization is essential to access new efficiencies, improve security, and significantly reduce costs. 

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Integrated systems improve data visibility, streamline workflows, and improve the user experience for all stakeholders.  

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Success Stories

For conEdison, We implemented an enterprise wide, web-based system, to enable electronic communication between various groups involved in the process of restoring power in the event of an outage.

The system would also record historical data that could later be used to analyze incidents, along with improving overall communication.

Reduced the average restoration time from 36 down to 14.2 hours.
Reduced communication errors by 92%
Saved tens of millions of dollars each year

Since 1991, Construction Information Systems (CIS) has been the Northeast’s premier online provider of project information for the construction industry. To pave the way for future growth, the company needed to redesign and restructure its core product. This involved merging two separate web applications, integrating diverse technologies and infrastructure into a unified platform.

Enhanced internal processes have significantly reduced the time to update and deliver new project information.
Customers receive project updates faster than ever thanks to optimized workflows.
25% increase in YOY new sales since new site launch

With more than 6,000 retail locations, Bank of America ranks among the largest banks in the United States. When planning and executing marketing campaigns across these stores, the bank needs a precise understanding of the availability of promotional campaign materials in its inventory. Given the vast number of retail locations, gathering this information was time-consuming and prone to errors.

With the new system, the bank can better plan, execute, and track campaign materials across numerous locations.
Information retrieval time reduced from days to minutes, enhancing communication and reducing waste.
Improved inventory tracking drives more successful in-store marketing campaign execution.

For over 80 years, Brent Material has been a leading distributor of construction piping materials. During the implementation of a new ERP system, critical issues caused their existing ERP system to become unstable, leaving the staff with no access. Built on outdated technology and unsupported infrastructure, a swift resolution was essential.

Successfully migrated data from a proprietary IBM database format from the 1960s to a modern database system.
Rebuilt customer, product, and financial reports from the existing system for improved insights.
Created a pathway for smooth data migration into the new ERP system.

“Highstep handled everything from design and rebranding to the finished product. We were thrilled when, within the first six months of our launch, we saw a 25% increase in YOY new sales which was beyond our expectations.”

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Chris Colabella

President, Construction Information Systems Inc.

“When faced with several crucial issues, the Brent Material staff was left with zero access to their aging ERP system and its database of stored information. Highstep was able to develop a solution that recovered this information allowing the company’s internal operations to continue running uninterrupted. It is always a pleasure to work with Garett and his team as they bring so much value with their work.”

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Linda Gardner

President & CEO Brent Material Company

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