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Recent Success Story: CIS Leads

Construction Information Systems (CIS) sees a 25% Year Over Year increase in new sales within the first six months of launching their new product.

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Our ApproachAn Agile Results-Oriented Approach

Your time and resources are valuable assets to your business, and we don’t want to you to waste any of it. Our approach is a simple one, focused on results, while maintaining a long-term view of your goals. We view our clients as partners in this process.


Your business is unique with it’s own challenges. We don’t believe there are any one size fits all solutions. We spend the time to get to know your company, it’s culture and needs. This allows us to create solutions that are completely personalized to match your goals.


A good user experience is good for business. Likewise, a bad experience can cause your customers to take their business elsewhere. Our goal is to enhance your customer’s satisfaction by improving how they interact with your software.


Our passion for software design, development, and delivery pushes today’s boundaries while paving the way for the future. Our clients benefit from constant improvement in the quality of their software.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Chris Colabella

President, Construction Information Systems Inc.
"Our work with the team at Highstep aimed to completely redesign our core product and create a structure that allows us to easily plug in new verticals in the future. The undertaking was massive, marrying two existing websites and four separate databases. Highstep handled everything from design and rebranding to the finished product. We were thrilled when, within the first six months of our launch, we saw a 25% increase in YOY new sales which was beyond our expectations."

Linda Gardner

President & CEO Brent Material Company
"When faced with several crucial issues, the Brent Material staff was left with zero access to their aging ERP system and its database of stored information. Highstep was able to develop a solution that recovered this information allowing the company’s internal operations to continue running uninterrupted. It is always a pleasure to work with Garett and his team as they bring so much value with their work."