With over 6000 retail locations, Bank of America is one of the largest banks in the United States. In the process of planning and executing marketing campaigns across its retail stores, the bank needs to gain an understanding of the exact availability of promotional campaign material in its inventory. With such a large number of retail locations, pulling this information was time consuming, and potentially error prone.


A web-based query tool was implemented that allowed the bank to create ad-hoc reports within a matter of minutes. The system allowed the bank to:

  • Locate store information based on attributes such as local demographic, languages spoken, and number of tellers
  • Quickly gain an insight into its campaign material inventory counts
  • Deliver promotional materials to the right locations
  • Have a single source of fixture and element information for all its retail locations in its network


With the system in place, the bank was able to better plan, execute and track campaign material and inventory across a large number of locations. The time it takes pull this information was reduced from days to a matter of minutes, which improves communication, reduces waste, and drives more successful in-store execution of marketing campaigns.