Since 1991, Construction Information Systems (CIS) has been the Northeast’s leading online provider of project information for the construction industry. In order to lay the foundation for future growth, the company’s core product needed to be redesigned and restructured. This required merging two distinct web applications into a single product, including merging disparate technologies and infrastructure into a single platform.

Solution launched successfully after a major design and development effort. Here are a few highlights of  what we did.

  • Redesigned two websites merging their functionality into a single product supporting desktop and tablet devices
  • Implemented a new multifaceted search and filtering system to quickly find projects, contractors and other information anywhere on the site
  • Enhanced project reports to allow drilling down to specific information such as public or private ownership, new categories of work like retail, residential, and schools
  • Implemented a new advertising platform that allows customers to market their products and services via the site and daily emails
  • Improved company profile portal making it easier for them to enhance their profiles and stand out to potential customers
  • Managed the launch of the new site via marketing emails and messages on the existing sites


Within the first six months after the launch of the new site,  the company has seen a 25% increase in YOY new sales. Their internal workflows have been streamlined, further reducing the time it takes to get new project information updated and into the hands of customers.