Support of the Small Business

Supporting a small business is as big a trend as getting rid of plastic bags/straws. It’s coming in drips and droves and is important to many for a myriad of reasons.

Supporting a small business doesn’t look like it has over the years. Some things have remained the same, like the local coffee shop purchase instead of Starbucks… the local clothing boutique instead of shopping at large department stores, like Macy’s.

While physically shopping/small business purchases haven’t changed, we have to realize that we can support small businesses in another way. Not just that we can, but that we should. One question always comes to the forefront of a person’s mind and that’s “What’s in it for me?”

  • Not being a dime a dozen. Think about this, no long customer “wait times” or certain hours. The level of customer service is much greater with a local or small business because it MEANS more to them. One stand alone customer is JUST as important as the big fish because the level of appreciation for doing business with small business is much greater.
  • Small businesses put more effort and resources into a product or service they BELIEVE in. We aren’t selling just to sell. We sell because we believe we are putting forth the BEST product or service for you, the customer. We can, without hesitation, make adjustments without a hierarchy of hoops to jump through to get “approvals.”
  • Small businesses are willing to connect you to other small businesses. Perk? Pride. With pride comes great work; not work to be done because it’s “the job.” Word of mouth business is the best form of business, that hasn’t changed either. We are happy to spread your name and that we’ve also done business with you. I guess we have apps like Uber and Lyft to thank for the realization that the “rating” and referrals go both ways with ALL types of interactions.

I hope after reading this article that you’ve seen the big picture and incentive to work with small businesses. When you’re ready to take a step into transforming your business digitally, we hope it’s Highstep.

At Highstep, we will continue to support small and local businesses, especially during the trying time.

Wishing all good luck, good health and prosperity.

Your Humble Highstep Team