For over 80 years Brent Material has been one of the largest distributors of construction piping materials. In the midst of implementing a new ERP system, a series of crucial issues caused their existing ERP system to become unstable, leaving the company’s staff with zero access to the system. Built on outdated technology and infrastructure that was no longer supported, a quick resolution was needed.


Highstep rolled up our sleeves and  got to work on developing a solution that allowed the company to access data from its ERP system. Highlights from the solution include:

  • Migration of data, from a proprietary IBM database format from the 1960s, into a modern database system
  • Rebuilt customer, product and financial reports from the existing system.
  • Created a pathway for migration of data into the new ERP system


The company was able to quickly resume operations, and avoid potential loss of revenues. The time it took to get data migrated into their new ERP system was greatly reduced.